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Recently From The Lever

Dark Money’s Behind The Debt Ceiling Plan To Punish The Poor

By Julia Rock & Andrew Perez

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy borrowed his punishing work requirement proposal from the conservative think tank pushing to loosen child labor laws.

Clarence Thomas Reversed Position After Gifts And Family Payments

By Julia Rock & Andrew Perez

The Supreme Court justice switched sides on a landmark legal doctrine, satisfying his benefactors’ conservative advocacy machine.

Hold The Powerful Accountable

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More From The Lever

Big Oil Tries To Buy Its Own Courts

By Rebecca Burns

Texas oil and gas companies could soon have their business cases heard by judges handpicked by a close ally: Gov. Greg Abbott.

Dems’ Old Formula Is A Big 2024 Risk

By David Sirota

Dems’ are settling on the same playbook: shifting right, crushing a primary, and hoping demoralized voters are repulsed by the GOP.