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SVB’s Lobby Groups Fought Proposal To Bolster Deposit Insurance

By Julia Rock & David Sirota

Months before Silicon Valley Bank collapsed, its D.C. advocacy groups said the FDIC initiative “would unduly burden banks.”

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SVB Chief Pressed Lawmakers To Weaken Bank Risk Regs

By Rebecca Burns, David Sirota, Julia Rock & Andrew Perez

Collapsed bank’s president told Congress “enhanced prudential standards” should be lifted “given the low risk profile of our activities.”

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Workers Are Funding Private Equity’s Child Labor Exploitation

By Andrew Perez

Public employees’ retirement savings have funded the private equity takeovers of companies that used child labor in dangerous factories.

Rail-Lobbyist-Turned-Senator Could Block Safety Bill

By Julia Rock, Jordan Uhl & Matthew Cunningham-Cook

John Thune embodies the rail industry’s Washington influence machine that could now kill bipartisan safety legislation.

Health Insurers Get Government Cash, Then Jack Up Prices

By David Sirota

Despite the Affordable Care Act’s promises, publicly subsidized insurers are jacking up prices while Americans lose coverage.