Give Rail Workers

Paid Sick Leave

Please read and sign the open letter below – it calls on President Joe Biden to take executive action, ensuring that rail workers are guaranteed seven days paid sick leave.

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Dear President Biden:

You have previously stated, unequivocally, that all workers deserve paid sick leave. And yet you have just signed a bill from Congress to force unionized rail workers to go back to work without appropriate paid sick leave.

Right now, you have the executive authority to extend paid sick leave to rail workers, and you do not need congressional approval to do that. We implore you to use that power right now.

No one, especially in the world's richest nation, should have to choose between forgoing pay or working through severe illness and family emergencies. Rail workers keep our infrastructure moving – their work is hard and critical to the success of our nation.

It is your moral obligation to immediately take executive action that fulfills your presidential campaign pledge to support paid sick days.


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