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Please read and sign the open letter below – it calls on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to use his powers to enact real regulation on highly profitable rail companies and protect Americans in the wake of the horrific and preventable train derailment disaster in Ohio.  

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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg,

In the wake of the train derailment disaster that took place in East Palestine, Ohio, we are calling on you to use your powers as Secretary of Transportation to rectify the multiple regulatory failures that preceded this horrific situation.

There has been a decades-long, well-documented, history of watering down freight train regulations in the United States. Leaders in the rail industry have been unequivocally stating that disasters just like this one will become more frequent due to this lack of oversight and regulation.

From issues related to hazardous classification, to rail worker staffing, to braking technology, and beyond – the fixes are right in front of us, and you have the power to implement those fixes as America’s chief transportation regulator.

As the environmental toll of this disaster comes into focus, now is the time to take action so that this exact sort of preventable accident does not occur again.

The undersigned,

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